The Science Behind Tongkat Ali And Testosterone

As males go through the aging process, production of hormones including testosterone will begin to reduce, this phenomena is termed as Andropause. This is a consequence of the programmed nature of cells to incrementally decrease in function as we age. Andropause is manifested clinically by decreased response to sexual stimulus, elevated levels of body fat and usual frequencies of fatigue. This could be very frustrating for guys as their bodies could not function as well as they wanted them to.
There are therapeutic methods, like taking Tongkat Ali, to replenish testosterone levels in the body such as Testosterone Replacement Therapy but may have extremely detrimental unwanted side effects. Males have instead turned to strategies like herbal therapies to tend to andropausal complications.

Tongkat Ali: An Herbal Alternative for Testosterone Difficulties

Eurycoma longifolia, popularly known as Tongkat Ali, is an herb of Malaysian origin that has made its way into regular medicine. Primarily in males, it serves to balance out decreased testosterone levels and help healthier libido. Click here for more information about Tongkat Ali.

How Does Tongkat Ali Influence Testosterone Levels?

Our body features a technique into it that prevents certain levels of chemicals from getting too high or too low. One example is, if your body starts to feel cold, your muscle tissues shiver. This produces friction and results in the production of heat. So, from feeling cold, the body responded by helping it to turn into warmer. That is called the Negative Feedback Mechanism.

This is also how it goes with testosterone. Typically, when the body senses that testosterone levels are getting low, it would stimulate the production of much more testosterone by the Pituitary Gland, being able to counteract effects of having low testosterone. Even so, as a man ages, either the Negative Feedback Mechanism from the body becomes impaired or the cells producing testosterone inside the body fail to comply depending on the body’s needs and at some point generating significantly less than what the body desires. This results in low testosterone levels and needless to say, Andropause.

Tongkat Ali from http://www.lakiherbalcoffee-malaysia.com/ performs by intervening with this feedback technique by blocking signals sent to the brain that would lead to the decline in testosterone production. Through this, typical production of testosterone can now proceed plus the expected volume of testosterone can now be produced. The effects of this herbal therapy might be evidently observed in males who naturally have low testosterone levels as their libido levels are increased towards the standard degree and symptoms of andropause are decreased to minimal levels.

Rewards of Utilizing Tongkat Ali

Studies have repetitively shown that the use of Tongkat Ali has evidently increased levels of testosterone in different reports of guys who have used the herb. A rise in sexual functionality, semen production and muscle growth were reported to be observed as well.

Proof also suggests that apart from escalating testosterone levels, this herb can also be productive in increasing sperm quality and therefore, help in issues concerning male infertility. Needless to say, one of the most renowned effects of this herb is promoting an enhanced libido.

An animal study published in 2003 has concluded that on account of exposure on the plant extract, subjects have manifested enhanced levels of sex drive and libido. Simply because of the increase in hormone levels, Tongkat Ali from http://www.lakiherbalcoffee-malaysia.com/ also aids in metabolic processes. In relation to this, fat loss and gaining of lean body mass is also an advantage known to Tongkat Ali users. Usage of this herb alongside normal physical exercise and proper diet regime would boost probabilities of gaining muscle mass more. A study conducted in 2002 proves this by obtaining 7 men using 100 milligrams of Tongkat Ali each day and 7 other guys given placebos every day. During the five week period that the experiment took place, a 5% improve in muscle mass and body fat reduction was observed with all the males that have taken Tongkat Ali.

Risks Involved with Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali has been said to possess minimal to rare negative effects. These include slightly raised levels of aggression. That is to not imply that uncontrollable bursts of anger may spontaneously occur. There’s a mild increase within a person’s aggression. Restlessness also can be a side effect because Tongkat Ali from http://www.lakiherbalcoffee-malaysia.com/ raises energy levels. If taken in pretty high doses, you could have problems in falling asleep. Any unwanted side effects which include male pattern baldness not yet been reported by Tongkat Ali customers and should not be of concern.


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